Saturday, October 17, 2009

SanDisk - Extreme IV 16GB CompactFlash Memory Card


This 16GB CompactFlash memory card can be used with a desktop or laptop for expanding your storage capacity. Speed up your workflow by pairing the card with a FireWire reader (not included) for solid reliability.

What's Included

  • SanDisk Extreme IV 16GB CompactFlash Memory Card
  • Owner's manual

Product Features

  • Compatible with most desktops and laptops
    With a CompactFlash memory card slot or reader for expansion.
  • 16GB storage capacity
    Saves numerous photos, documents and other electronic files.
  • UDMA enabled
    Move data from a storage device efficiently without laboring the host device's processor.
  • Fast read and write speeds
    Up to 45MB/sec. for solid reliability.
  • Compatible with optional FireWire reader (not included)
    Speeds up your workflow.


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