Monday, October 12, 2009

viliv S5 Mobile Internet Device

The Viliv S5 features a superfine 4.8" WSVGA display, 32GB SSD, and an Intel AtomTM Silverthorne 1.33GHz CPU. From a pocket PC standpoint, the S5 has a surreal (for its size) battery life of 7-hours of use. Along with a instant-on feature that allows you to resume Windows XPTM from sleep in under five seconds--and commensurate 200-hour standby time)--the S5 is unique in being a truly ultraportable device that delivers the full rich web experience. Rich web is complemented by rich media. The S5 supports 720p HD video playback, and features integrated Wifi, Bluetooth, and GPS.

The impressive UI technology includes on-screen keyboard with haptic feedback like a smartphone, as the Viliv "Cube UI" overlay that allows you to select up to 36 bubbles (5 categories, 180 total programs) and assign them to any of the available "bubbles", even arrange programs by type so you can keep your productivity software separate from your play software, and switch between them with the flick of your finger.

Let's take a closer look at a variety of ways the S5 can add a touch of the sublime to the banalities of daily life and work.

GPS: This tiny Windows XPTM device lets you use your favorite navigation software--including StreetDeckTM, Google EarthTM or Microsoft Streets and TripsTM. No need to switch back and forth between your car and handheld GPS, because the Viliv S5 is with you anywhere you go. The optional kit makes it easy to use in the car, and the incredible battery life assures this is a reliable solution.

3G HSPA (Premium 3G only) : Thanks to its integrated 3G data model (HSPA), you can enjoy broadband Internet anytime, on a 3G network. (Customers in the United States can simply stop into an AT&T store to sign up for service, which is available on a subscription or pay-as-you-go plan. Please note that the T-Mobile network will not support 3G speeds with this device.)

With its integrated 3G mobile broadband, S5 Premium 3G becomes the ultimate mobile TV, whether you use SlingBox or stream your favorite shows from a site like Hulu.

Multimedia/entertainment experience: Now you can have a full portable media player, without giving up functionality--or heavy usage. With its full version of Windows XPTM Home, you can run iTunesTM or any other preferred media player. Easily navigate through your music and movie library with the ease of a fingertip, and be able to download and see your favorite movies or listen to music from iTunesTM, AmazonTM, or a streaming site like SongzaTM.

Instant on: The "Just On" mode of the Viliv S5 lets you boot up from sleep to WindowsTM in under 5 seconds. With 200 hours of standby time, you can access your data quickly and easily at the push of a button and rarely have to worry about having to find an outlet before your battery runs out.

HD/Streaming: No longer do you have to bring your heavy laptop to the couch or be tied to your uncomfortable office chair and desktop computer. The Viliv S5 is capable of playing 720p HD video in a variety of formats, and you can even stream your favorite new shows from FoxTM, CBSTM, HuluTM, etc., easily and smoothly from anywhere, whether the couch or your bed. With the optional TV Out cable, you can even hook up the S5 to your HDTV for a full home theatre experience.

Haptic keyboard: The latest on-screen technology featuring haptic feedback,, provides a welcome feeling of accuracy to users who once may have been hesitant to use a touchscreen only device. There is even a split keyboard configuration so you can still hold the device comfortably without losing usability. And with integrated Bluetooth v2.0 you can always use an external keyboard and mouse if you prefer.

Battery life:
The Viliv S5 has an incredible battery life, among the best of any UMPCs.
With up to 7 hours of video playback, 4.5 hours of live streaming TV from the web, and 200 hours of standby time,
the S5 to work for you on the morning commute, at your big lunch meeting, and finally to relax with your favorite movie on the way home.

  1. Weights and measures are approximate and may vary.
  2. Actual battery life may vary based on usage patterns, product settings and environmental conditions.

1.33GHZ Intel Processor
1G Ram
Windows XP
7hr. battery


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